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Total Beginners

French Total Beginners

Regular Pace
New to French language? Start speaking French from day one and experience an immersive introduction to all things French with a trained and qualified instructor. In these classes, you will progress quickly from basic communication situations to more complex interactions. 

French Beginners 1

Regular Pace
This class is for students who are new to French or who have forgotten much of their high school French. Lessons will provide activities using all four bases for learning a second language – speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classes are interactive and students will be speaking French and participating in games, dialogues, and group activities. )

French intermediate 2

Regular Pace
This class is for students with some French experience or who have completed level 1. Students will
develop new vocabulary, improve their listening and speaking skills, and polish their grammar. Classes are interactive with varied activities. 

French High Intermediate

Regular Pace