Corporate and Government Classes

Alliance française provides a series of services to Companies,
Public Institutions and Education Institutions.

About Our Corporate Classes

If your business has specific French language requirements and goals for your workplace, the Alliance Française can help you. We will design a course based on your needs and the level you want to achieve. Classes can be offered at your business address and at your convenience. To start the process, please contact our Course Director to discuss in detail how we can tailor a teaching program for you.

Our rates

For our tailored Government and Corporate classes, we offer packages of 10, 20 or 100 hours. Rates are shown below. Click on any package to purchase.

8 hours - Group classes

$1,500.00 CAD
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100 hours *10% OFF*

$6,300.00 CAD
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20 hours

$1,400.00 CAD
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10 hours

$700.00 CAD
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Why Bring French Into Your Workplace?

220 million people speak French in 77 countries over the 5 continents. French is the official language of 44 countries.

If you do business in any of these countries, or you plan to do so in the future, providing French language training to your staff can give you a competitive advantage.

French is widely used in Canada, Europe and Africa. French is also an official language of all United Nations agencies and a large number of international organisations, making it a truly global language.

French is one of the languages of the future, with an estimated 700 million speakers by 2050. No wonder so many local companies want to offer French classes for their employees.  Yours can too!

Businesses that provide French classes for their employees are gaining not only a competitive edge in Francophone markets, but also enhancing their business and travel experiences in French-speaking countries, improving their communication with clients and colleagues AND fostering team building within the company!

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