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Total Beginners

Total Beginner A1.1

This class is for total beginners who have never been in contact with French. In this class, students will focus on basic communication around the topics of first interactions in French and discovering a francophone city
Material needed: "Communication Progressive du français, CLE International” Chapters 1 & 2


Beginner A1.3

Standard course
This class is for false beginners, or student who have been exposed to French in the past. In this class, students will learn basics in French around the topics of travels and comparing, buying, and exchanging goods and services.
Material needed: "Tendances A1", units 5 & 6

A2-B1 conversation Gordon Head

Conversation workshop
Communication du niveau A2
- LesZexperts
- Jeux
- Actualités (RFI savoirs)

Intermediate B1.2

In this class, students will develop their language skills in French around the topics of travel, and maintaining friendships.

Material needed: "Tendances B1", units 3 & 4

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